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Sunlight is the proven way to provide environmentally responsible energy as well as real cost savings to any home or business. Stratco are continually developing and promoting the latest in solar technologies and environmentally sustainable solutions from around the world. The revolutionary Stratco Solatop® Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) roofing system has been designed and engineered to enable you to convert sunlight into green power for all your energy requirements.

The Stratco Solatop roofing system is Australia’s first fully integrated roofing/solar system that will enhance the look of your home with its stylish sleek design, whilst reducing your future power bills.

Consisting of frameless individual tiles the Stratco Solatop roofing system is adaptable to the dimensions of any roof. The Stratco Solatop roofing system is the ultimate, cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution for the homeowner, architect, builder and developer who demand both functionality and good looks out of a roofing system.

This Stratco Solatop roofing system provides architects, builders, planners and home owners an innovative solution to solar power a home or commercial building in a functional and more aesthetically pleasing way.

The patented (pending) Stratco Solatop roofing system incorporates a specially designed framing system consisting of drainage channels and mounting brackets onto which the Solatop tiles are laid, similar to conventional roof tiles, thereby eliminating any potential damage to the solar modules or roof. Water and debris simply washes off the tiles straight into the gutter.

To ensure that every Stratco Solatop roofing installation looks the best Stratco offers Solatop glass in-fill panels. Coupled with a comprehensive range of profile flashings in a wide range of popular colours the Stratco Solatop roofing system will ensure that all gambrel, hip, double valley or trapezoid options are accommodated for.

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