Commercial Solar

Sunfusion Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing our commercial clients with the highest quality products, service and workmanship.

We Supply custom made solar systems to suit your business needs with the aim of maximising the reduction in emissions while maximizing profits to you our client.

Our team’s eleven years of experience in research, design and installation (incorporating a broad range of commercial and industrial ground or roof mounted solar systems) is extensive and provides a solid basis for your solar electricity installers to provide a robust, cost effective solar power system for you.

The variability in requirements that each site and business has demands custom design, calculation and matching of system components to ensure maximum returns on your investment.

Upon our free, no obligation site assessment your Sunfusion representative can also bring to your attention some of the short and long term benefits of your solar investment to your business.

Business Benefits of Installing a Commercial Solar Power System:

1. Electricity Savings (based on the installation of a 10 kw system)

Such a solar system will produce on average around 40 kW per day depending on the system orientation and angle of inclination (roof pitch). This will save your business around $4,000 per year (based on the current price of electricity).
The annual return on your investment will be over 18%.
Your business can receive full return on capital within 5.5 years.

As a business you are able to get further benefits by depreciating your commercial solar power system. This could increase the return on your investment and further reduce the return on capital.

After your business has recouped its capital investment it can be making you money for the life of the system for over 25 years.

Please consult with your tax agent.

2. Trading Credits

There is an option for you to hold your STCs (Small Technology Certificates) and trade them on the open market.

With the current climate in regards proposed Carbon Tax it is assumed that the STCs could be gold for your business in the coming years.

The monies received from trading your STCs also have other tax advantages because of the tax treatment of this income which can bring you additional benefits with some tax planning.

The calculations listed above are based on the premise that your business is using all of the energy being produced by the solar system and does not take into account that some energy may be exported back into the grid at a rate of 16c.

For more information on your future Solar Energy Systems please contact us now.