Domestic Solar

Benefits of a Solar PV (Photovoltaic) system:

When a solar system is installed it will generate free energy from the sun. This energy is produced without emitting greenhouse gases. Solar panels are generally mounted on existing roofs, contain no moving parts and operate silently. The electricity they produce can provide a partial or complete offset in electrical consumption of a household or business, depending on the size of the solar panels systems for your home or solar panels for business selected. Excess electricity that a system produces can be fed into the grid.


Solar Systems – Pricing

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Things to consider when thinking of purchasing a solar power house system:

  • How much electricity do you consume?

It is useful to consider how much electricity you are using and peak periods of electricity usage. This can help you determine what size solar power house system best suits your needs. Keep in mind that if you are not home during the day, most of the electricity your system produces will be fed into the grid taking advantage of the feed-in tariffs (currently at the rate of up to $0.24 per kW/h, depending on your electricity retailer).

A typical 1.5kW solar system will produce around 5.8 kW/h of solar energy per day, with some of this energy being used by the household and some possibly exported into the electricity grid depending on your energy usage.
Your average daily usage is usually shown on the bill you receive from your electricity retailer.

  • Roof space:

The amount of roof space available will determine the maximum size of the solar power house system that can be installed.

  • Roof orientation and pitch:

Solar modules work best when installed facing true north at an optimal angle to the horizon. As every structure is unique with different orientations and roof pitches, careful consideration of system size and tilt angle of panels is required to optimize results of your solar power system installation.

Your choice of solar power house system is not limited by the offers we have presented on this site. Sunfusion can cater to any size of solar system that you desire and that best suits you.

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