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Tindo Karra 240 Solar Panels

The Tindo Karra solar panels for the home or solar panels for business are technically brilliant and intelligent in design. Australian owned and manufactured in Adelaide these aesthetically pleasing solar panels offer so much more than the conventional panels.

The Tindo Karra solar panels differ to the conventional solar panels by each producing 240 AC power, each panel with its own converter and connection to the grid thus producing a higher energy yield. You can expect to produce around 16% more than by using the conventional panels.

Other Benefits include:

  • The  unique design allows you to expand the solar power system one panel at a time
  • You can monitor each individual panel from home or anywhere with a smart phone
  • Safety is enhanced by removing the risk of high DC Voltage from the rooftop (Conventional systems can have as much as 600 V DC)
  • Robust aluminium frames being twice the cross section of material used on other solar panels and a post-cut anodising process provides long life and durability to the Tindo Karra 240 solar panels
  • 20 year guarantee. (Conventional guarantees are 5 years)
  • The Tindo Karra Panels are black and are most suited to Australia Homes

It is essential you consider this product when purchasing solar panels for the home or solar panels for business.

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